Thursday, January 31, 2008

What am I looking forward to the most in February?

Well obviously Valentines Day is the highlight of February, but there is something else that I am really looking forward to! SARA BAREILLES CONCERT! Anthony got us tickets for our anniversary. I'm so excited. We will be going with Jared and Alisa which will make it all the better. Thanks babe.
For Christmas, one of the presents that I got for Anthony was this little kit where you can blow balloon type things out of this gel and then stick them together. A couple weeks ago Anthony pulled it out and created this little gem. He kept it long enough for me to snap his picture before he lit it on fire.

Our Weekend in Idaho

My sister had her baby this weekend, Zachary Kenneth Green. This makes her third child and our 5th nephew/niece! Isn't he perfect!Anthony was so sweet with him. An interesting side of Anthony that many don't know is that he is very good with kids! Our nephew Taylor LOVES him. Even after I try to bribe him with cookies...he doesn't come to me, he goes to Anthony.

Friday, January 18, 2008

I've Been Tagged!

1. What's your husbands name? Anthony Braun
2. How long have you been married? 2 years
3. How old is he? 26
4. Who eats more? He does for sure! We never get to have left over’s because if there is food in sight he has to finish it!
5. Who said "I love you" first? I can’t remember, but I did tell him when we were first dating that I was going to marry him one day and he thought I was crazy.
6. Who's taller? He is. I love that I can wear the highest heels and still be shorter that him.
7. Who sings better? I do, but Anthony should give him self more credit, I think he is good.
8. Who's smarter? Anthony by far. I always come home to tell him what I learned in school….and he already knows it!
9. Who has the worst temper? I do! Anthony is so sweet in the way he deals with me.
10. Who does the laundry? ME!
11. Who does the dishes? Both of us.
12. Who pays the bills? Right now we are both in school, but his is harder that mine(MBA/MHA Hello!) so I am working. But I love my job!
13. Who mows the lawn? We don’t have one.
14. Who cooks dinner? I do, I love cooking!
15. Who drives when we're together? I always want him to drive, but sometimes I do.
17. Who has more friends? Anthony does, at least his are the friends we hang out with more because most of mine are in Idaho. But of course all of his friends are now my friends too!
18. Who has more siblings? He has two brothers and three sisters and I have one sister and one brother.
19. Who wears the pants in the family? I’m not sure, we both have our moments.

I tag Alisa

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Our Anniversary

On December 27th we celebrated our 2nd anniversary! As most two year marriage veterans can attest it has gone by so fast, but at the same time it is hard to remember what life was like when we weren't together. Anthony planned a fun but simple (I prefer simple) day for us. He took me to Cafe Rio for lunch and Red Lobster for dinner (my two favorites). He also reserved a room for us at a fun little hotel in Centerville. My favorite part about the night was going to temple square and looking at the lights. The only unfortunate part was that the coldest night of the year had to fall on our anniversary! We became numb withing seconds and could only last about 20 minutes before we were forced back to our hotel's hot tub.Even though it was cold I loved it so much because this is where we go married two years prior. Lets compare what two years of marriage does.

A little older a little chubbier, but "a lot more" in love. Never would I have thought two years ago that I could be anymore in love with the man that I was marrying. I can wait to see what another two years will bring.

Thank you Alisa!

Yesterday, Anthony and I were able to hang out with some of our favorite people! Jared and Alisa Holland. Whenever we get together, it is for no less than 12 hours at a time and Anthony and I usually end up paying for it with an hour long drive back to Provo (from Farmington) at 2 in the morning. Most of these 12 hours is spend doing nothing in particular, but never have we had so much fun doing just that. Yesterday though, I was lucky enough to have Alisa be my blogging/photo shop/creative mentor. She helped me make my header and background via virtual scrapbooking. I didn't even know that this world existed! I love scrapbooking but I did not know the possibilities that digital scrapbooking provides. Everything you can do in real life, you can do on the computer! So thank you Alisa for your time, convenient software, and html skills to help me pimp my blog. You are a dear friend.

My Perfect Husband

These are some pictures of my perfect husband.
He is so photogenic! However, he is not a fan of having his picture taken so most of the time I have to be sneaky. I love the picture of him with his dad. Don't they look so much alike??!! I am so lucky to have him as my husband, everyday is an adventure and a new story to tell. He is perfect for me in every way. I love you Anthony.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Sledding in Colorado

Christmas In Colorado

This Christmas we headed to Colorado with Anthony's family. We spent the week in Anthony's Grandparents old house. The scenery was breathtaking. The boys had fun building fires, throwing hatchets and using the bow and arrow while the girls enjoyed crocheting hats and visiting some of the fun shops up the road in the quaint town of Delta. Almost every building had an amazing mural printed on it. Our favorite experience was when we winded our way up some beautiful Colorado mountains to go tubing. The snow was up to our knees and the wind stung our faces as we tried to find the perfect path to sled down. We finally found it and it was worth it! We had a blast.