Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Last week Anthony and I went on vacation to California. Anthony and I were in desperate need of relaxation and SUN after a long summer of work and school. We went with Anthony's family and had a blast. Of course we are now greatly considering the beaches of California for Anthony's Fellowship once he graduates. How can one resist that as an option??

These pictures are some of our favorite moments.

This was just outside Vegas on the road trip down.

This is our brother-in-law Paul with his son Owen!!

Owen learned quickly that the sand didn't taste good.

Big G workin' it out on the beach. What a bombshell!

Anthony is catching a wave. It was so hard for both of us NOT to be in the water because it was so perfect. And we definitely preferred body surfing over boogie boarding.

I know the power of the cobra may overtake you. Don't look directly in to it's ruby eyes.

One night we were able to ride bikes along the boardwalk.
All of the girls at USC in front of the Trojan statue.

On our way to the USC football practice, Owen shows his support with his SC hat.

I decided to hit the weight room with the players, we were comparing biceps. I fell into the above average range.

Uncle Pete after practice.

The whole family hanging out before Pete has to go back and to his coach stuff.

The last night of our vacation. Please take a moment to go back to the top of this post and compare the darkness of our skin from the beginning of the trip.