Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Something happens to a couple when a baby comes into their life. Suddenly everything revolves around the child; conversations, pictures, schedules, etc. Even things that have nothing to do with baby, now include baby. Take shopping for example; instead of just going, you have to coordinate your trip with baby's happiest time of day, feeding schedule, and nap schedule. Then, hopefully the stores you visit have shopping carts that the car seat fits into. When this fails you use the stroller. In either case there's not a whole lot of extra room. When any of these elements falls short it can be a disasterous trip.
Another thing that universally becomes all about babies are blogs. My blog will be no exception. So from here on out I hope you are prepared for baby Liam! Here are some pictures to catch up. Liam is now 10 weeks.

2 and 3 weeks:

4 weeks:

5 and 6 weeks: