Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Friday we were able to go to Jeff's graduation party! He and Lisanne are such great people and friends. We were so happy to support Jeff in this wonderful accomplishment!
Love you guys!

Our Heater is Broken.

This is how we keep warm.

Both Washers in our Apt. Complex are Broken.

So we have been doing our laundry here....

...Well I have been doing laundry here. Anthony comes and eats doughnuts....

...I cannot believe how much I love this boy.

Gingerbread Time!

Every year the Grant's have a tradition the day after Thanksgiving to make gingerbread houses. For many of these years growing up the Kern girls have joined us. Even when I am away from home every other year for thanksgiving I still always find a way to do a gingerbread house. This year (being away from C-Town) was especially fun because the Kern girls invited me to do houses with them. This was a very fun day: The girls doing their thing with the gingerbread houses and the boys hitting the links. So thank you Sara for once again opening your home to me and Anthony! We love you guys!

Utah V. BYU

Thanks to our wonderful cousin Sara and her Husband Jay we were able to go to the BYU/Utah game last minute! This was such a great opportunity and we had a blast. Of course when you get tickets from a coach of the Utah team you wear red. So this is why myself, a BYU student, is wearing a red hat with a Y on it. Of course Anthony fully supports his soon to be Alma matter with is U hat. It was an excellent game to watch and the Utes played great!
When people find out the I go to BYU and Anthony goes to the U, they always ask one question.

"How do you make it work?"

My Answer:

"We compromise."