Thursday, July 22, 2010

Summer is...












Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I wish instead of using Facebook, this generation used postcards.

These postcards would be sent to various friends with a hand written note and a stamp.

Instead of saying "it's time to change you profile picture", people would say "it's time to change your postcard picture."

All postcards would be collected in a Steve Madden shoe box under the bed.

Over time, the shoe box would be forgotten about because this generation would grow to old for the "postcard scene"

In 4o years the shoebox would be dusted off and opened.

The postcards would bring happiness.

If postcards ruled the world, this would be ours. At least for a short time.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Independence Day is Over

So here are some pictures

Liam, you are so patriotic.

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Liam has started laughing A LOT! There are three distinct things that make him laugh every time.

1. Thigh pinching with sound effects. (shown in video)

2 Thigh pinching without sound effects.

3. Bouncing on our knee while we sing a little tune.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Something happens to a couple when a baby comes into their life. Suddenly everything revolves around the child; conversations, pictures, schedules, etc. Even things that have nothing to do with baby, now include baby. Take shopping for example; instead of just going, you have to coordinate your trip with baby's happiest time of day, feeding schedule, and nap schedule. Then, hopefully the stores you visit have shopping carts that the car seat fits into. When this fails you use the stroller. In either case there's not a whole lot of extra room. When any of these elements falls short it can be a disasterous trip.
Another thing that universally becomes all about babies are blogs. My blog will be no exception. So from here on out I hope you are prepared for baby Liam! Here are some pictures to catch up. Liam is now 10 weeks.

2 and 3 weeks:

4 weeks:

5 and 6 weeks:

Friday, April 23, 2010

Our Baby Story

Due to medical reasons I was scheduled for an induction on Friday March 5th. I have known that I would be induced my whole pregnancy and was always a little bummed that I would never get the experience of going into labor on my own. However, even though I wanted to go into labor naturally, I had no intention of birthing naturally. I had always planned on an epidural.

The week of my induction had finally arrived. I was nesting away by mopping and cleaning the baseboards. I had put the important things off; like setting up the nursery and packing the hospital bag. Afterall, I had until Friday. (Fact about me: For much anticipated events, I put preparation off until last minute so I think about it less; the more I think about it, the more anxious I get.)

Tuesday night we were getting ready for bed and I was looking forward to a day at the salon for a new haircut. I was crawling into bed and reminding my husband that we only had three days left as a childless couple. As I was just about to drift off to sleep I had to get up to use the bathroom, of course.

While on the toilet, my water broke. It scared me. I let out a gasp and Anthony said, "What's wrong?!"

"I think I felt my water break." I explain rather calmly. I definitely heard a pop, and I definitely felt the baby drop.

Anthony and I just stared at each other for the next couple of minutes thinking, "This is scary. Let's just go back to bed and pretend it never happened." Finally Anthony broke the silence..."Are you sure it was your water breaking?"

Climing back into bed, "I'm pretty sure, but I'm not having contractions. I guess we will find out in the morning."

Silence... This is when I thought about the fact that I had not prepared for going into labor naturally. There was no way that this could be happening!

I tried my hardest to fall back asleep.

Minutes later...

"Yeah it was my water. You pack the bag, I'm taking a shower."

Half-way through my shower the contractions started. I finished the shower, cut my toenails, put on some lotion, and spent 10 minutes trying to decide what in the world you wear to the birth of your baby.

Anthony had finished packing the bag and was now loading the car. I was cleaning the kitchen. I wanted everything to be perfect when we returned home. At this point the contractions were getting intense, and I finally realized that this was the real deal. I was in labor and the sooner we got to the hospital, the sooner I'd get an epidural. I was planning on a long night and day before I was able to hold my baby boy, so I made sure to have books and crossword puzzles to keep me occupied. We finally took off in the car around 1:30 am. I threaten Anthony with his life if he hit a bump or pothole.

We got to the hospital, checked in, etc. By 2:30 am I had dialated to 4cm. The nurse explained that the anesthesiologist was on his way and that there should be no problem getting an epidural even though my last Lovenox shot was given at 8:30 pm. The Anesthesiologist finally showed up around 4:00am. I was ecstatic. He took one look at my file and abrubtly said, "You can't have an epidural."


"We have to wait at least 12 hours from you last shot of Lovenox. I can't give you an epidural until 8:00 am."

Drama ensues and around 4:30 am; I'm 6cm. Forty-five minutes later I'm at 8cm and they're setting the room up for delivery. I couldn't believe this was all happening! Around 6:00 am my body started pushing and I couldn't help it. Luckily, my doctor walked in. She had me pushing before she even took her coat or sunglasses off. Twenty-five minutes later, this beautiful blue being was crying on my stomach. Anthony had scissors shoved into his hand and cut the cord. I was so glad that it was over. Anthony did the fun stuff like putting a diaper on Liam and watching Liam get weighed and measured. I did my thing which included delivering the placenta and having stiches put in my who-ha.

Next my doctor picked up the yucky stuff in the plastic bag. It ripped and everything
went all over the floor. Awesome.

Liam was wrapped and put into my arms. His eyes were wide open and his lips were permanently pursed into a little cheerio as he tried to make sense of what was going on in his world. It was 7 am. At this point no one except me, Anthony, and the hospital staff knew that Liam had arrived and was nestled in my arms. It was so surreal and we wanted it to stay this way for a little while. Just our little perfect family. We let a couple hours pass and decided to let our family know. It took a while to convince my mother that her grandson was already here. From beginning to end labor and delivery was a little over six hours.

Those first few hours it seemed as though Liam was growing and changing right before my eyes! I kept saying every couple minutes that it was impossible for him to look any cuter, but alas. This growth trend continues. At 6 weeks he fit comfortably into 3 month clothes. And now, at 8 weeks, I will occasionally wake him up from a nap and be completely blown away by how totally different he looks!

I love being a mom. I could never have imagined that I would have such a perfect child. Anthony was made to be a father. From the very first second of Liam's life I have witnessed a special father-son bond. I love my boys!

Liam Grant Rodebush
Born March 3, 2010 6:37 am
8 pounds 5 ounces 21 inches