Sunday, April 20, 2008

I Love Anthony!

My birthday was on Thursday. I was a little stressed out with finals and was planning on spending the evening at the library. Little did I know that Anthony had some tricks up his sleeve. To start the day, I got in my car only to find a birthday card and and some fun presents. Later that day, Anthony convinced me that we had to celebrate my birthday that night so I came home. He said we had reservations for a little Italian place just up the street. So we got ready and we walked to this restaurant that I have never been to. When we got there, the host said, "You must be Anthony!" I was like what?? How does he know you? He then lead us away from the crowded area of the restaurant into a curtained side room which we had all to ourselves. I immediately picked out our table because there was a rose on it. I was so surprised! I had no Idea that Anthony was there earlier in the day making arrangements with the cute old lady from Italy who owned the place. Anthony said that she was so excited about doing something romantic for someone. They even put special Italian music on just for us! The atmosphere was so romantic and the food was so amazing! So thank you Anthony for a perfect birthday. I love you.

Good Weather!

The last couple Sundays there has been pretty good weather so Anthony and I decided to get out and play!

We went on a walk in the mountains, of course, Anthony had to climb a rock.

Where's Anthony?

These were some fun swings that went around in a merry-go-round style.

Friday, April 18, 2008


1. Painter for Vallivue School District
2. Server at Ruby Tuesdays
3. Janitor (Holla all my toilet cleaning posse)
4. Shipping and receiving coordinator for EFY

1. Tommy Boy
2. PS I Love You
3. Matilda
4. Rain Man

1. Caldwell, ID
2. Provo, UT
3. Long Island, NY
4. Hackensack, NJ

1. Anthony
2. Family
3. Work
4. Myself (I email myself assignments and stuff to print)

1. Salmon
2. J-dogs hotdogs
3. Prime Rib
4. Really good fruit

1. Beach
2. Hiking
3. In Idaho with my family
4. One place I know I should be but I'm not....studying for finals!

1. 4th of July
2. Finals to be over!
3. Rollerblading
4. New summer movies to come out

Sara H.
Emily O.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Eggs Benedict a new car and...what's the deal Boozer?

Apart from enjoying the individual sessions of conference during the weekend, we had some fun experiences. Let's start with Friday afternoon. First we bought a new car...wait...what...huh? oh ya, I'm still getting accustom to the fact that it's actually ours. After the "Snowcat" had repeated breakdowns, (for those of you not familiar with the "Snowcat," it is our 1991 Chevy Lumina, aka: Old Grandma Car, [not to mention she's missing the drivers side door handle {if you are wondering, I did have to crawl across from the passenger side} she's also leaking oil and is 17 years old]) we decided it was time to let go. This brings us to our new, Kia Rio. He's a cute little thing, short and fast just like our friends south of the border. Also its manual transmission. Now, for those of you who know me, can attest to my high level of anxiety that I feel when faced with a new situation, especially when it is something that could put my life, and/or the life of others in danger, but the most anxiety comes from something that could make me look stupid ( i.e. stalling in the middle of a busy intersection). So when Anthony fell in love with this car I new we where in a pickle. You see, this car we were about to purchase would essentially be the car that I drive, and oh ya, I DON'T DRIVE STICK SHIFT! After a couple weeks of seeking out different options of cars I new that this was the best deal by far. Everything about it was screaming, "this is the car , this is the car!" But there was a part of me that couldn't get past the memory of the night not too long ago when Anthony attempted to teach me how to drive his manual transmission. All I can remember from that fateful night was Anthony making me cross 9th east in Provo, a mile long line of cars behind me, and never ceasing headlights. Not to mention Anthony's consecutive...GO!....GO!......GO! To my dismay, I made it home safely that night only to fall into a heap of emotion, swearing of manual transmission for the rest of my life. So whats the deal? Here I am not two months later agreeing to this car that I have no idea how to drive? I still don't know what made me say "OK, lets do it!" But as Anthony and I signed our life away, we made an agreement that he would be patient in teaching me and I would have confidence about learning, and that was that. To my surprise, I am doing way better than I thought! It shifts very easily (unlike Anthony's), and aside from some lingering anxiety (only on hills now), I LOVE driving it! It is so fun. Now comes the part where we show off in the form of picture. So please enjoy our good fortune below.

Now, if you don't mind, I'd like to brag some more....

On conference mornings it's a good time for me to make Anthony a special breakfast. Anthony loves eggs, from his head down to his legs, more than anyone. So I am always coming up with new ways to to incorporate eggs into breakfast. So to make sunday morning conference eggstra special, I decided to try my hand at Eggs Benedict.


Oh yes I did, that is a perfectly poached egg and homemade hollandaise sauce, and it is sinfully delicious. I was skeptical at first, I have never even tasted hollandaise sauce, let alone made it, but it turned out lovely.

and here's some more....

Friday night our friends Lucas and Becca Kjar had free tickets to the Jazz game and invited us to go with them! They played the San Antonio spurs, I kept careful watch for Eva Longoria (Tony Parkers wife) I'm convinced that If i would of had Binoculars, I could have spotted her, but with out them, no dice. The game was intense. The Kjar's pointed out something interesting to us the Boozer does. Between free throws (not his) he has to be the one to get the ball and hand it to the ref. If he doesn't get the ball, and someone else hands it to the ref, he has to go take it back, feel it and squeeze it , and then give it back, then they can continue with the free throws. It is really weird. I guess it is like a suspicious thing that he has to do.

That was our weekend, exciting I know. I'd like to close with one quick pat on the back because I think this is the longest post I have written to date.

Last thing, on a more serious note. I was so thankful for the opportunity to watch conference. I was able to recieve confirmation that President Monson is a true prophet of God. I enjoyed the feeling that came with watching all of the talks presented so much, that I was kind of depressed on Sunday night when it was all over. Thankfully I got over it on Monday and am now left with only the feeling of spiritual uplift.