Sunday, March 30, 2008

MBA Basketball Game

On Saturday morning, Anthony played in the U's annual MBA 1st year vs. 2nd year basketball game. Anthony was on the first years team and they won! He played very well (for being a wrestler)

Easter Weekend

Looks like everyone beat me to the punch with their Easter posts. We didn't do anything really traditional, but we had a blast nonetheless because my parents came to town! It was a typical Grant weekend which consisted of eating out and watching movies. One of the highlights was going to Ruth's Chris Steakhouse. Thanks mom and dad for a great weekend!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Sad Day

So on Monday of this week I went on my typical run, but later that night, my ankle and down into to bottom of my foot started to hurt really bad. I thought It would get better in the morning but it only got worse. It is really weird because it just randomly decided to hurt, I didn't twist it or anything. There is no bruising and not pain when I touch it, but the second I put pressure on it it hurts so bad. After some research I have decided it to be a minor stress fracture. I have been trying to keep off it and doing my best not to look like I am hobbling from class to class. It is starting to get a little better. I am sad to say that I will not be participating in the Rex Lee run. This has been a cause of ever so slight depression for me, but soon enough I will get to run again. I will keep you posted about my next race!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Next Saturday I will be running a 10k in the Rex Lee Run! I am so excited, and it has given me new motivation to workout everyday. My goal is to run it under an hour, which is nothing notable, but for me and the not so good shape I am in, it will be a good goal. Not to hard and not to easy. So if you are in uptown Provo on the 16th and you see someone with abs of steel and amazing legs come around the corner like so.... ...get out of the way, I will have no mercy.

Congratulations Anthony!

To preface the good news, in case you didn't know, Anthony is currently working on his MBA and Masters of Health Administration at University of Utah and will be done in 2009. Since September he has been trying to line up an internship for the summer and was getting really frustrated because it is extremely hard to find hospitals in Utah the even offer internships for health administration. He was forced to look out side of the state and even outside of the country ( We were really close to going to Taiwan!) This bummed me out because I really love my job and I didn't want to quit. So finally, last month Anthony was offered an internship at a hospital in Ogden. This hospital, like the others, didn't offer internships, but they created a special one just for Anthony! I am so proud of him! Not only are we one step closer to reaching our goal, but I get to keep my job! After this semester ends, we will move to Salt Lake. He will be commuting everyday to Ogden, I will be commuting every day to Provo. A little crazy, but I guess you do what you gotta do.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

March Workout Playlist

The only motivating thing to get me to work out is music. If I have a good playlist I can work out for hours. So this weekend I decided to make a brand spanking new playlist so that I will workout more. I tried it out on Saturday at the gym and it was awsome!

New Hair

On Friday I decided to get highlights and bangs. Anthony was a little concerned at first when I showed up with this new hairstyle, ( I did it without telling anyone) but he has come around and he likes it now(or so he says).