Friday, October 16, 2009

simple things.

Life has changed. We are not in college anymore so we can't do whatever we want. This forces us to grow up... a little bit. We live in Ogden. We like it in Ogden. We have an amazing apartment in Ogden, which I promise you costs less than what you ever have payed for rent in your life.

We like it that way.

We share our front yard with homeless friends and train cars. We get to infuse the smell of whatever we cook on a given night into our closet full of clothes for the next three days, and we don't have to buy stuff to fill up space. Perhaps the best part of living in our tiny dwell-nest is that we we can do a super deep clean splurge in 10 minutes or less. Satisfying.

Anthony just started his new job as Director of Imaging Services and Outpatient Development at Ogden Regional Medical Center. I work at my lavish position for the Mountain Star Network doing physician referrals.

I'm hot and cold at this blog thing. Perhaps I will get in the blogging zone, perhaps I will leave you hanging again. I just pray I change my background before Easter rolls around.

Big things are happening in our life that we are looking forward to. Until then we are enjoying the simple things: Laughing, exploring, and hot wings.